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Position on Issues


Change ... or More of the Same. For too long, politicians have paid lip service to 'smart growth'. To this end, I am against using green space development to compensate for the decay of our industrial and commercial revenue bases. My commitment is to provide leadership that responsibly manages sustainable growth for St. Catharines, while at the same time, nurtures a strong economy, along with stronger neighbourhoods. Common sense dictates that we either embrace 'smart growth' or we can stick with the status quo and watch our property taxes triple.


One St. Catharines for all taxpayers. Residents of St. Catharines have always led by example and now we are faced with an opportunity to usher in a new era for the future success of St. Catharines. By abolishing the outdated ward system and replacing it with at-large elections of councillors, we can harness a council united - not divided - to move vital files forward for our city and region. The time to end a house divided with councillors rowing in different directions should be upon us if we want a better quality of life for all.


Committed Individuals - not career politicians. I believe in term-limits because serving the greater good of our city is more important than anyone's desire to become a career politician. By self-imposing term-limits, I will only be focused on doing my job rather than trying to keep my job. If councillors know they have only have two-terms, they will be driven to make a difference for their community and city. Commitments like this would ensure councillors focus their energy and time on making decisions rather than fruitless debates and bickering over issues.


Financial Leadership for a change. As a successful businessperson, I know City Hall can be helpful in creating the right conditions for economic health, which creates employment opportunities for our residents. However, if we fail to prioritize our ideas or abdicate our responsibility when presented with concrete initiatives to rally investment, or improve an economic environment for all types of businesses, we will continue to fail our residents. Now more than ever our St. Catharines needs individuals who have the capacity and determination not to shrink from making the right decisions for the economic health of St. Catharines for years to come.


Policies for today's challenges. It is important to note that no public policy is able to stand the test of time. As such, it is imperative that the next city council provide due diligence in examining and identifying wasteful spending stemming from archaic policies or pork-barrel politics. We have an opportunity to prioritize a full service review of our municipal departments to ensure taxpayers are benefitting from their hard earned tax dollars they send to city hall. Lest we forget that today's policies matter since they are shaping future decisions made by our government.